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Japanease | English

Ring-Bong is a theatrical company, for which Noriko Yamaya writes plays as the sole affiliated writer.

Our plays mainly deal with the recent Japanese history that we must never forget. 
We still live in the aftermath of the World War II, struggling with the problems it brought about.
“How shall I live from now on?”
We believe the answer to this question, or at least some clues how to answer this question, lies in recent history.
When we look at the present from a certain point in the past, the future we are seeking may loom up out of misty darkness.
When we deal with a large theme, such as “Japan,” it helps to look at Japan from the point of view of a family, and from that of the world: from a microscopic point of view to a macroscopic point of view, and then, from a macroscopic point of view to a microscopic point of view.

Though these plays do not present answers, they invite the co-actors and the audience to join us in thinking about the questions.


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